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This file contains quick reminders and notes on how to package Vigil.
We consider here the packaging flow of Vigil version `1.0.0` for Linux.
1. **How to bump Vigil version before a release:**
1. Bump version in `Cargo.toml` to `1.0.0`
2. Execute `cargo update` to bump `Cargo.lock`
3. Bump Debian package version in `debian/rules` to `1.0.0`
2. **How to build Vigil, package it and release it on Crates, GitHub, Docker Hub and Packagecloud (multiple architectures):**
1. Tag the latest Git commit corresponding to the release with tag `v1.0.0`, and push the tag
2. Wait for all release jobs to complete on the [actions]( page on GitHub
3. Download all release archives, and sign them locally using: `./scripts/ --version=1.0.0`
4. Publish a changelog and upload all the built archives, as well as their signatures on the [releases]( page on GitHub